Revitte named new MSU faculty grievance official

Contact: Kristin Anderson, University Relations, (517) 353-8819,

Feb 13, 2004

EAST LANSING, Mich. - John Revitte, a professor in Michigan State University's School of Labor and Industrial Relations, has been named the university's new faculty grievance official.

The appointment, approved at the Friday, Feb. 13, meeting of the MSU Board of Trustees, is effective July 1.

"John Revitte is a respected member of the MSU faculty who will bring extensive knowledge and administrative experience to the position," MSU President Peter McPherson said. "His service as a counsel and trainer in the faculty grievance procedure and commitment to teaching and learning through academic endeavors and public service will be a valuable asset to the university."

Revitte, a professor of work, leisure and labor studies, joined the MSU faculty in 1977. He has taught SLIR graduate school credit and noncredit courses and numerous outreach classes, including collective bargaining, grievance, labor and employment laws, labor history and current events, union leadership and administration skills, and dispute resolution.

He also has taught outreach courses on becoming computer literate, continuous quality improvement, diversity, workplace ethics and work and leisure. Since 1998 he has been the university's "Meet Michigan" program faculty development and outreach tour coordinator for the Office of the Provost. He plans to continue in his academic pursuits, including research, publishing and teaching.

"Thanks to my experience with MSU's 'Meet Michigan' program, and previous grievance advocacy work, as well as other teacher and learner experiences, I have a unique combination of practical MSU faculty and dispute resolution experiences," Revitte said. "I am looking forward to the challenges of working with a diverse array of MSU administrators, faculty and staff in this important administrative position."

Revitte is the author of numerous training materials, articles, monographs and films and book reviews, and is the co-author and producer of several Michigan labor history videos. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan and his master's degree in labor studies from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst.

The faculty grievance official is responsible for administering formal grievance procedures at department/unit, college and university levels, advising academic units on the efficacy of internal grievance and hearing procedures, responding to inquiries from faculty and administrators, and recommending to the University Committee on Faculty Affairs changes in existing faculty grievance procedures, among other responsibilities.

The current faculty grievance official, Michael Rubner, a professor in the James Madison College, who has held the position for 15 years, is retiring from the position in July.