Diann Woodard

  • American Federation of School Administrators
  • 1101 17th NW, Suite 408
  • Washington, DC 20036
  • (517) 353-4647
  • diannwoodard@aol.com

Diann Woodard was elected to the Michigan State University Board of Trustees in 2008. Woodard’s professional affiliations include international president of the American Federation of School Administrators, for which she received the Administrator of the Year award in 2003, and trustee of the Michigan State AFL–CIO. She was the president of the Organization of School Administrators and Supervisors from 2000-09. Additionally, Woodard is a former member of the board of directors of School of the 21st Century and served as a board member of Youth Connection, an organization that promoted after-school programs for urban youths. Woodard graduated from Michigan State in 1973 with a bachelor’s degree in education and received a master’s degree in 1979 from Wayne State University, which awarded her the Distinguished Alumni Award in 2003.