27.01 * Selling and advertising prohibited
27.02 Signs, posters, and handbills prohibited


* No person or entity may sell or solicit sales of items or services, or solicit contributions, on University premises without an authorized written permit, which permit must be promptly exhibited to any requesting University representative.

Authority to set standards for and to grant permits is vested in the Secretary of the Board of Trustees. The Secretary may prohibit sales and solicitations or regulate the time, place and manner of sales and solicitations, as to all University properties or as to specified areas or facilities. The Secretary may designate other University administrators to grant permits for specified areas for facilities in accordance with established standards.


No person shall erect or otherwise display, except on his or her personal property, any sign or poster or distribute handbills upon property governed by the Board which advertises or otherwise calls attention to any commercial product, service or activity.


Selling and Solicitation Central Guidelines

In accordance with Michigan State University Ordinance 27.00 (Selling and Advertising), the Secretary of the Board of Trustees of Michigan State University promulgates these general standards concerning the grant of permits to sell or solicit sales or contributions on University premises:

  1. Scope

    Ordinance 27.01 and these standards do not apply (a) to University departments or divisions whose operations include sales or solicitations, (b) with respect to charitable solicitations in which the University participates as an institution or de minimis sales for charity by University employees or students who derive no personal financial gain from the sales, or (c) in connection with sales to the University.

  2. Limitations
    1. Permits will be granted only to (i) registered student organizations, living unit organizations, and major student governing groups, (ii) non-student University affiliated organizations, (iii) academic and administrative university units, (iv) groups selling or soliciting in conjunction with authorized activities at University facilities, and (v) vendors or suppliers with which the University has a contractual relationship, provided that a vendor or supplier which has entered into a formal contractual relationship with the University concerning sales or solicitation activities shall not be required to have a permit separate from an executed contract or purchase order, except for sales activities not described in the contract or purchase order.
    2. Permits will be granted only for sales or solicitation activities which (i) do not violate or conflict with University ordinances, guidelines, or regulations or other applicable laws or regulations, (ii) do not infringe upon the University’s trademark or other intellectual property rights, (iii) do not result in a breach of University contracts or compete with University or University- contracted operations, (iv) do not jeopardize public or individual safety, (v) will be conducted by members of the organization holding the permit, and (vi) are covered by such insurance as may be deemed necessary by the University’s Department of Risk Management and Insurance.
    3. Permits will not be granted for the sale of alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, or firearms.
  3. Grant of Permits
    1. Permits will be granted by the offices responsible for the proposed sale or solicitation location (list under development). Each such responsible office (i) may prohibit sales entirely in all or a portion of its facility(s) or location(s) or in conjunction with a specified program or function or (ii) may establish additional standards specific to its facility(s) or area(s), which address time, place and manner restrictions and are approved by the Secretary of the Board of Trustees. To the extent that time and place restrictions result in a limited number of permits being available, permits shall be granted in the order applications are received by the appropriate office.
    2. Grant of a sales or solicitation permit shall imply neither approval nor disapproval of the purposes of the group, the activities conducted, the content of any materials distributed or any items being sold.


Secretary of the Board of Trustees
October 1996


Enacted: September 15, 1964
Amended: September 01, 1986
Amended: June 14, 1996

* Denotes Civil Infraction

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