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33.01 Definition
33.02* Unlawful to operate or possess unregistered bicycle
33.03* Permits; display of
33.04* Transfer of permits
33.05 When to apply for permit; registration
33.06 Impounding and release of
33.07* Unlawful to operate unless equipped as desired
33.071* Equipped with lights and mirrors
33.072* Equipped with brakes

33.08* Not to be operated more than two abreast
33.09* Speed not greater than reasonable to safety
33.10* Clinging to moving vehicle prohibited
33.11* To yield to pedestrians at intersections and crosswalks
33.12* Careless or reckless manner
33.13* On sidewalk prohibited; exception
33.14* Rights and duties
33.15* Obedience to traffic control devices required
33.16* Unlawful to park except in bicycle areas
33.17* Parking prohibited in area for motor vehicles; exception
33.18 Inoperable bicycles; impound
33.19* Locking required
33.20 Authority to publish special regulations
33.21 Parking limitations
33.22* Number of riders

.01 The term "bicycle" as used in this ordinance shall mean and include any one- or two wheeled device propelled by human power that has a wheel or wheels 16 inches or greater in diameter.

.02* No person shall operate or leave unattended upon the campus any bicycle which does not bear a current and valid license or permit issued by the Michigan State University Department of Police and Public Safety, the City of Lansing, the City of East Lansing, Lansing Township, or Meridian Township.

.03* The permission to operate a bicycle in and upon the campus shall be evidenced by a permit tag to be designed by the Department of Police and Public Safety. Such permit tag shall be issued by the Department of Police and Public Safety after acceptance for filing of the application for a permit. Each owner or owners of a bicycle shall, upon receiving a permit tag from the Department of Police and Public Safety, cause the same to be affixed in a conspicuous place on the bicycle covered by said permit, provided, however, that the Department of Police and Public Safety may, in their discretion, designate the particular place on each bicycle where the permit tag shall be displayed.

.04* Upon the sale or other transfer of a licensed bicycle, the owner shall remove the permit tag and surrender the same to the Department of Police and Public Safety; provided, however, that said owner, together with the transferee or purchaser of a bicycle, may apply to the Department of Police and Public Safety for the transfer of the registration of said bicycle and the permit to operate same to the transferee or purchaser, and upon such application the Department of Police and Public Safety shall transfer the registration of the bicycle and the permit to operate it to the name of the transferee or purchaser.

.05 Application for a permit to operate a bicycle shall be made upon bringing a bicycle not meeting the requirements of Section 33.02 of this ordinance upon the campus. The Department of Police and Public Safety shall provide for bicycle registration at some time during every day of the year except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

.06 The Department of Police and Public Safety shall impound any bicycle found upon the campus which is not properly registered or licensed as provided in this ordinance, or which is parked in violation of this ordinance, and shall release such bicycle only after it shall be properly registered by its owner and a fee for its impoundment paid, or a summons issued to the owner for the alleged violation. The fee for impoundment shall be of such amount as shall reimburse the University for all costs of impounding and enforcing the provisions of this ordinance. Impounded bicycles not claimed shall be sold and the proceeds of such sale applied to the cost of enforcement and impoundment.

.07* No person shall operate a bicycle on the campus unless the same shall be equipped as follows:

.071* Every bicycle which is operated during the period from one-half hour after sunset to one-half hour before sunrise shall be equipped with an activated white lamp on the front thereof, visible under normal atmospheric conditions from a distance of at least 300 feet in front of such bicycle, and shall also be equipped with a mirror reflector or lamp on the rear, exhibiting a red light visible under like conditions from a distance of at least 200 feet to the rear of such bicycle;

.072* Every bicycle shall be equipped with a suitable brake adequate to control the movement of and to stop said bicycle within a reasonable distance on dry, smooth, hard-surfaced road.

.08* No persons operating bicycles on the campus shall ride more than two abreast.

.09* No person shall operate a bicycle at a speed faster than what is reasonable and proper with regard to the safety of the operator and others.

.10* No person operating a bicycle shall attach himself or herself to any other moving vehicle.

.11* Every person operating a bicycle shall accord the right-of-way to pedestrians crossing roads and streets on the campus at all intersections and crosswalks.

.12* The operator of a bicycle shall at no time remove both feet from the pedals, nor both hands from the handlebars or steering apparatus of said bicycle; nor shall any person operate a bicycle in a careless or reckless manner or practice any acrobatic riding on campus.

.13* No operator of a bicycle shall cause the same to be driven upon or across any sidewalk or footpath situated on the campus or upon the campus grounds; provided, however, that the operator of any bicycle may dismount from such bicycle and proceed upon such sidewalks and footpaths on foot, pushing said bicycle while so proceeding on foot.

.14* Every person operating a bicycle on a roadway on the campus shall be granted all of the rights and shall be subject to all of the duties applicable to the driver of a motor vehicle by the laws of the State of Michigan except insofar as the provisions of this ordinance for the operation of such bicycle shall conflict or modify said general laws which by their nature can have no application to the operation of bicycles.

.15* Any person operating a bicycle upon a roadway on the campus shall obey the instructions of all official traffic control signals, signs and other control devices applicable to motor vehicles unless otherwise directed by a police officer.

.16* No person operating a bicycle shall cause the same to be parked any place upon the campus outside of bicycle parking lots and areas. In the event that bicycle parking racks are available in said parking lots and areas, the operator of a bicycle shall park such bicycle in the racks provided. If no racks are provided, or if the number of racks is insufficient, the operator of a bicycle shall park his or her bicycle in an upright position within the confines of said parking lots or areas.

.17* No person shall park a bicycle in any space designed and intended for use by motor vehicles unless such area shall be specifically allocated to bicycle parking by placement of a bicycle rack.

.18 No person shall park a bicycle in an inoperable condition on University property for a period longer than 48 hours. Any such inoperable bicycle shall be impounded by the Department of Police and Public Safety and its owner shall pay the impoundment fee prescribed above to secure release of said bicycle.

.19* No person shall park a bicycle and leave it unless it is locked to a bicycle rack or immobilized with a locking device.

.20 The Police Chief and Director of Public Safety is hereby authorized to publish special regulations providing for removal of bicycles from a bicycle parking area or areas and prohibiting bicycle parking in such area or areas for designated periods for ground maintenance and improvements or other University functions. Bicycles not removed from such areas or parked after the special regulations have been published shall be in violation of this ordinance and shall be impounded as provided for in Section 33.06.

.21 No person shall park any bicycle on the campus longer than 48 hours unless he or she is currently registered as a student, is employed by the University, or is residing on University property. Bicycles parked contrary to this provision shall be in violation of this ordinance and shall be impounded, per Section 33.06.

.22* A person propelling a bicycle shall not ride other than upon or astride a permanent and regular seat attached to the bicycle. No bicycle shall be used to carry more persons at one time than the number for which it is designed and equipped.

Enacted: September 15, 1964
Amended: May 21, 1981
December 10, 1994

*Denotes Civil Infraction

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