Statement from Audit, Risk and Compliance Chair Dan Kelly

"I have read Trustee Scott’s letter, and in my capacity as Chair of the Board’s Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee I agree a review of whether these allegations rise to the level of a violation of our Code of Ethics and Conduct is appropriate.

To do so, I will follow our existing practice of requesting the University’s Office of Audit, Risk and Compliance to thoroughly examine these allegations and provide an update to the ARC Chair. The University’s General Counsel’s Office initiated this review this morning.  Following the completion of the review, any recommendations will be shared with the full Board, who I am confident will take the appropriate action in a fair and unbiased manner.

Until the established process plays out, I sincerely hope that my colleagues on the Board can set aside their current distractions and return to our unanimously agreed-upon priorities of a successful presidential search, improvements to our Title IX obligations and responsibilities, and maintaining the wellbeing and safety of our entire Spartan community. All too often, Board Member comments or frustrations do not reflect the consensus of the Board of Trustees on most of the University’s pressing issues and concerns. I am confident the Board’s love of this university and commitment to public service will outweigh any distractions."

Dan Kelly

Audit, Risk and Compliance Chair