Event Requests

Invitations & Appearances

The Board of Trustees often attends various events for Michigan State University. They may perform tasks such as handing out degrees at graduation ceremonies, speaking at events, giving awards, and participating in the opening of new buildings and attending university wide or college event and functions.

How to Request a Trustee for Your Event

  1. Request Form: If you want a member of the Board of Trustees or the entire Board to attend your event, please complete the Trustee Event Request Form 6 - 8 weeks in advance of your event (where possible).
  2. Provide Details: Provide information about your event and specify whether you want a particular Trustee(s) or the entire Board of Trustees to appear.
  3. Additional Steps: Once a Trustee(s) is scheduled to appear and your event requests a speech, remarks, or presentation from a trustee, you will receive an additional email to fill out a form with further details about the event. The Board of Trustees Communications Manager will assist you with speeches, remarks, and presentations as needed.
  4. Event Coordination: The Board of Trustees' Executive assistant will ensure that the Trustees are aware of events and manage RSVPs. 

Trustee Event Request Form

Request Form

Have Questions? If you need further assistance, you can email the Board Office at trustees@msu.edu.