April 2024 roundup

MSU Board of Trustees approves construction of Henry Ford Health + Michigan State University Health Sciences Research Center in Detroit

The Michigan State University Board of Trustees approved the construction of a $335 million biomedical research center near the intersection of Amsterdam Street and Third Avenue in Detroit. The seven-story, 335,000-square-foot facility will be owned by Michigan State University and operated jointly, as an outcome of a 30-year partnership with Henry Ford Health. The Henry Ford Health + Michigan State University Research Center will be MSU’s largest research facility to date, designed to accommodate more than 80 principal investigator teams and the latest in technology.

Contact: Nicole Szymczak, MSU Health Sciences / Henry Ford Health + Michigan State University Health Sciences: (586) 944-4475, nls@msu.edu.


MSU College of Human Medicine launches scholarship fund for LGBTQIA+ advocates

The College of Human Medicine at Michigan State University has announced its intention to establish a new fund designed to offer scholarship support exclusively to its doctoral students. This initiative, aiming to foster an environment of inclusivity and support, will benefit those who have shown a significant commitment to serving or advocating for the LGBTQIA+ community. This scholarship fund comes as a collaborative effort between the department chairs of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Biology and Translational Neuroscience, as well as the efforts of Dr. Richard Leach and Dr. Jack Lipton. These departments have a longstanding history of engaging in outreach efforts that benefit the LGBTQIA+ community in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Contact: Geri Kelley, College of Human Medicine, (616) 350-7976, kelleyg3@msu.edu.


MSU announces 2024-25 housing and dining rates, maintains commitment to affordability and quality

MSU has declared its housing and dining rates for the 2024-25 academic year, emphasizing a balance between student affordability and high-quality services. MSU has highly competitive and affordable room and board rates, being the fifth lowest in the Big Ten. Incoming and transfer students for fall 2024 will have rates set at $12,564 and returning second-year students will experience a zero percent rate increase, underlining MSU’s commitment to cost stability. Meanwhile, housing in 1855 Place and University Village apartments will experience a 5% increase. In contrast, Spartan Village apartments, in their final year of service, will not see any rate adjustments. This strategy aligns with MSU’s ongoing efforts to renovate and update its residence halls and apartment buildings while ensuring the holistic well-being of its student community.

Contact: Kat Cooper, Student Life and Engagement, (517) 355-3465, cooper94@msu.edu.


MSU’s Wilson Hall to transform into technology engineering hub for innovative program

Michigan State University has announced plans to repurpose Wilson Hall, situated at 219 Wilson Road in the residential district, into a cutting-edge center for the upcoming Technology Engineering program anticipated to commence in fall 2024. This renovation project will convert the building’s former kitchen and dining areas into modern spaces dedicated to teaching, learning and faculty offices. The Technology Engineering program aims to offer concentrations in mechatronics and embedded cybersecurity. 

Contact: Kelley Monterusso, College of Engineering, (517) 353-8512, monteru3@msu.edu


MSU to expand chip testing facility, bolstering national capacity and educational opportunities

MSU has announced plans to expand its K500 Chip Testing Facility by approximately 5,500 square feet, a development that triples the facility’s capacity through the addition of two user vaults to the existing facility. The investment responds to a critical national need identified by the National Academies for increased chip testing infrastructure. Chip testing with heavy-ion beams in a very short time simulates the flux of cosmic rays chips are exposed to over their decades of service when used in aviation and autonomous vehicles. The addition also affords opportunities for MSU students who pursue their education in electrical engineering. These actions leverage a $14 million grant from the federal government, which supports the refurbishment of the world’s first superconducting cyclotron — the K500 built at MSU in the 1980s into a heavy-ion chip testing facility.

Contact: Karen King, FRIB senior communications manager, (517) 908-7262, kingk@frib.msu.edu; Thomas Glasmacher, FRIB director, (517) 908-7710, glasmach@frib.msu.edu; Alexandra Gade, FRIB scientific director, (517) 908-7441, gade@frib.msu.edu; and John Papapolymerou, electrical and computer engineering chairperson, College of Engineering, (517) 355-5066, jpapapol@msu.edu.


MSU to enhance tennis facilities with new project

Michigan State University’s Board of Trustees has greenlighted a significant upgrade for its outdoor tennis facilities. Aimed at replacing the aging courts near the Duffy Daugherty athletic facility, the initiative promises enhanced spectator amenities and a new support building. This project is being funded by a $10 million donation from Joan Secchia. This development is poised to offer restrooms, upgraded locker rooms and dedicated team areas, aligning closely with the adjacent Clara Bell Smith academic center to benefit student-athletes. Currently, the tennis program does not have its own building or proper team space and shares locker room space in the indoor tennis facility with the public. This will allow the team to have its own locker room space.

Contact: Erica Venton, Strategic Infrastructure Planning and Facilities, ventoner@msu.edu


MSU students present research on climate and neuroscience at board meeting

At Michigan State University’s April board meeting, doctoral candidate Jenna Walters discussed the impact of climate change on pollen, while neuroscience major Tanushree Thapar explored entrepreneurial behavior. Their individual research highlights MSU’s dedication to addressing environmental challenges and advancing entrepreneurial understanding.

Contact: Jennifer Trenkamp, University Communications, (517) 355-9742, jen@msu.edu


MSU board authorizes issuance of revenue bonds for capital projects and debt refinancing

The Michigan State University Board of Trustees has granted approval for the administration to issue general revenue bonds aimed at financing crucial capital projects, refinancing existing debt and covering issuance costs. The decision, which caps the proceeds from the bond issuance for capital projects and related costs at $450 million, also includes additional funds to refund existing debt. This strategic financial maneuver is designed to enhance the university’s budgetary flexibility and financial resource allocation, enabling the distribution of capital project costs over their respective useful lives. The resolution paves the way for funding various capital expenditures expected to span the next 18 to 24 months, which includes MSU museum infrastructure improvements and Farm Lane Bridge. This move underscores the board’s commitment to sustaining the university’s growth and development through prudent financial management.

Contact: Lauren Scott, Office of the Executive Vice President for Administration, scottla5@msu.edu.


MSU board confers emeritus titles on former interim presidents Udpa and Woodruff

The Board of Trustees has officially awarded the titles of ‘president emerita’ to Dr. Teresa K. Woodruff and ‘ president emeritus’ to Dr. Satish Udpa, in recognition of their service as interim leaders of the institution. This honor reflects the board’s appreciation for their contributions during pivotal transition periods. Dr. Udpa stepped into the role of interim president in January 2019 and served until July of the same year. Following in a similar path of leadership, Dr. Teresa Woodruff assumed the interim presidency in November 2022 and led the university until March 2024. The board’s decision underscores the high regard in which both are held and their enduring impact on the university community.

Contact: Jessica Livingston, Office of the Provost, livin149@msu.edu


Faculty appointments with tenure

  • Jesus Lara, 1855 Professor in the School of Planning, Design and Construction, effective Aug. 16, 2024.
  • Kari Sant, associate professor in the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, effective Aug. 16, 2024.
  • Libby Weber, associate professor in the Department of Management, effective July 1, 2024.

Other appointments

  • Heidi Hennink-Kaminski, dean of the College of Communication Arts and Sciences and professor in the Department of Advertising and Public Relations, effective June 10, 2024.

Other personnel actions

  • Douglas Gage, vice president for Research and Innovation in the Office of Research and Innovation, for reappointment as vice president for Research and Innovation, effective June 18, 2024. 
  • Douglas Monette, for an additional title of interim vice president and chief safety officer in the Department of Police and Public Safety, effective March 4, 2024. 
  • Adam Nightingale, head coach of men’s hockey, Intercollegiate Athletics, subject to contract, effective Feb. 12, 2024 to June 30, 2029.

The next Board of Trustees public meeting will be June 28, 2024.