BOT 303: Standards for Research Policy

Standards for sponsored research must be respectful of the purposes, needs and integrity of the University and the rightful claim of the public interest; thus, it is incumbent upon the academic community to be mindful of the conflict-of-interest situations which may arise.

Research projects should conform to all appropriate and established University policies (e.g., patents, copyrights, the use of human and animal experimental subjects, the use of radioactive isotopes and other hazardous substances, etc.).

Sponsored research should be consistent with the policies and plans of the department(s) and college(s) in which the research will be conducted.

The University should retain for its scholars the right of first publication. The imposition of restriction on publication of research results is incompatible with the basic concept of an educational institution. Exigencies of national defense may at times make exceptions to this policy on publication necessary.

Prior to accepting grants or contracts which do not cover all direct and indirect costs, the institution may seek alternative sources of financial support with full recognition that it is making a contribution to the cost of the work.

Research projects should conform to established University policy on patent rights.

Enacted: 3/20/70

Amended: 12/3/82

Retired Policy No. 03-05-01