Explanation of Numbering System

The numbering system used in the Board of Trustees Policy Manual and related University publications is designed to facilitate research of all statements of policy on a given subject, by a given official or affecting a given group.

Each policy statement is assigned a number under the following format:



A. Group affected by the policy

01-Board of Trustees

02-General University Community


04-Faculty and Staff

05-Staff Only

06-Students and Prospective Students

B. General subject matter

01-Board of Trustees

02-Powers and Duties of the University President

03-Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity

04-University Governance

05-University Academic Programs

06-Buildings and Lands

07-Business Affairs

08-Admission of Students

09-General Conduct

10-Student Tuition Fees and Charges

11-Student Services

12-Record Retention


14-Use of University Facilities

15-Use of University Services

16-Public Service

17-Personnel Policies

18-Athletic Affairs

19-Patents and Copyrights

C. Sequentially assigned number (01-99)

D. Effective date of policy is the Board of Trustees' action date unless otherwise noted. Policies containing reference dates earlier than February 3, 1984, were reaffirmed by the Board of Trustees on that date.