BOT 608: Recognition of Revenues from State Appropriations to the Operating Funds

Revenue from state appropriations will be recognized in accordance with the following priorities:

  1. The basic general operating appropriation will be recognized in twelve equal monthly installments over the state fiscal year.
  2. Changes to the base appropriation, either in the form of supplemental appropriations or executive orders, will be recognized in accordance with legislative intent, where that intent is known.
  3. Where legislative intent is not known, and/or where institutional discretion exists, revenue will be recognized in equal monthly installments over the months remaining in the state fiscal year, commencing with the month following final approval of the change by the Governor and/or the legislature.

This policy applies to all state appropriations made directly to MSU for operating purposes:

Items included:

  • General Fund Base Appropriation, including line items
  • AgBioResearch
  • Cooperative Extension Service
  • Supplemental appropriations for operating purposes
  • Executive Orders impacting the above items

Items excluded:

  • Capital Outlay appropriations
  • Supplemental appropriations for capital purposes
  • Executive orders impacting capital outlay Appropriations to other state agencies, transmitted by those agencies to MSU (such as MHEAA student aid awards)

Enacted: 5/28/82

Retired Policy No. 05-07-03