BOT 301: Admission to the University

In consultation with the faculty, the Provost will develop admissions criteria and procedures which will assure a diverse and well-qualified student body. Students will be admitted on the basis of their academic qualifications or on the basis of their demonstrated potential for academic achievement.

At Michigan State University, undergraduate students will be admitted to the University and not to specific programs. Enrollment limitations, based largely on resource constraints, may be established in some programs, particularly in advanced study programs.

Michigan State University shall devote as much of its treasure and talent as possible to educating disadvantaged citizens of Michigan who are admissible; and, to conducting research and programs designed to encourage disadvantaged citizens of Michigan to qualify for admission under existing academic and financial requirements.

All applications for admission of students to Michigan State University must be accompanied by a statement, executed by the student, agreeing to abide by the rules and regulations of the University. No student shall be admitted who fails or refuses to sign this statement.

Enacted: 5/16/63

Amended: 6/15/67, 7/28/83, 12/2/83

Retired Policy No. 06-08-01