BOT 305: Extension Centers

Extension Centers of Michigan State University may be established at locations to be specifically designated where study for credit can be carried on under conditions which provide appropriate instructional resources. Centers may not be established unless adequate classrooms and/or laboratory space are provided by local enterprise; adequate library facilities are available locally in all fields of advanced study in which courses are offered at that location; adequate concentration of population exists from which classes of satisfactory size may be drawn; competent instructors are available, and in the event that classes cannot be taught by members of the regular Michigan State University faculty, adequate opportunity exists for the supervision of their work by Michigan State faculty; and adequate communication exists between the Center and Michigan State University. All credit courses conducted off campus will be given the same value as credit courses on campus.


Enacted: 9/8/23 -Moved to BOT policy by action of the Board.

Formerly Board of Trustees Bylaw 12.