Policy Stipulations and Supporting Documents of the Michigan State University Board of Trustees


The Investment Advisory Subcommittee is a subcommittee of the Committee on Budget and Finance. Its role and responsibilities are set forth in the Board’s Investment Policy.

The following stipulations apply to the membership of the committee.

  1. The committee will have four (4) current Trustees as members.
  2. The committee will have five (5) individuals from outside the MSU community as members.
  3. The President, Chief Investment Officer and the Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer will be ex officio members of the committee without voting rights.
  4. The Committee on Budget and Finance, in consultation with the President, the Executive Vice President for Administration, the Chief Investment Officer and the Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer, will select the outside members of the committee to fill vacancies.
  5. Outside members will serve staggered three--year terms and may be reappointed.
  6. Outside members shall possess high ethical standards and have wide-ranging institutional investment experience.
  7. Outside members will be required to comply with Board-approved conflict of interest standards.
    Members of the committee are expected to regularly attend committee meetings in person or, when necessary, electronically.


Enacted 10/21/11

Amended 12/14/18, 9/10/21

1This policy does not apply to the conduct of a contractor’s internal affairs, nor does it apply to the conduct of contractual engagements to which the University is not a party.

1This Anti-Discrimination Policy User’s Manual, University ordinances, and written policies provide guidance on the conduct prohibited by Article III of this Policy.

1Limitations are inappropriate if they are not directly related to a legitimate University purpose. The Anti-Discrimination Policy User’s Manual provides additional guidance on inappropriate limitation as defined by this Policy.

1For purpose of this Policy, “employment opportunity” is defined as job access and placement, retention, promotion, professional development, and salary.

1For the purposes of this Policy, the reference to “gender identity” shall be interpreted to include protection against gender stereotyping based on a person’s gender expression. In other words, gender stereotyping is impermissible discrimination or harassment based on a failure to conform to stereotypical gender norms.

1Consultation with one or more of the following may be useful:

  • the chairperson, director, or dean of the relevant unit,
  • supervisory support personnel,
  • the Title IX Coordinator or Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Investigations,
  • the ADA Coordinator,
  • the Office for Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives,
  • the University Ombudsperson,
  • the Faculty Grievance Official,
  • REHS staff,
  • faculty or staff academic advisors, and
  • the MSU Counseling Center.

1The availability and appropriateness of informal resolution involving claims of gender discrimination, including sexual and gender-based harassment, assault, and violence, is governed by the Relationship Violence & Sexual Misconduct (RVSM) Policy.