Faculty and Student Liaisons to the Board

Faculty Liaisons for 2022-2023 (per Board Policy 01-01-06)

  • Karen Kelly-Blake
    College of Human Medicine
    Chairperson, The Steering Committee
  • Stephanie Anthony
    University Outreach and Engagement
    Vice Chairperson, The Steering Committee
  • Jamie Alan
    Pharmacology & Toxicology Human Medicine
    University Committee on Faculty Affairs
  • Two additional representatives

Student Liaisons for 2022-2023 (per Board Policy 01-01-07)

  • Hannah Jeffery
    Council of Graduate Students President
    120 Chittenden Hall
    Office: (517) 353-9189
    E-mail: president@cogs.msu.edu
  • Belle Letcher
    Residence Halls Association President
    234 Wilson Road G7 Holden Hall
    Office: (517) 355-8285
    Email: rha.president@msu.edu
  • Jo Kovach
    ASMSU President
    307 Student Services Building
    Office: (517) 884-8077
    Email: president@asmsu.msu.edu
  • Stevie Quijas
    At-large Student Liaison
    Office: (517) 353-2124
    Email: quijasst@msu.edu