Committee on Academic Affairs

Committee Charter

The responsibilities of the committee are to assist in attaining the goal stated in the university bylaws that requires the “...University to offer undergraduate and graduate education of the highest possible quality...” And “to encourage moving our research and experimentation” and to “diffuse...the knowledge and information.” Unless designated to another committee, the committee shall have responsibility for the Board of Trustees bylaws, Board of Trustees policy manual, Board-approved documents such as Bylaws for Academic Governance, the Ordinances and any proposed changes to Board-approved policies and such other matters as shall be determined by the Board. In the event that policy changes are proposed by other standing committees of the board, the Committee on Academic Affairs shall review such proposals for consistency and compatibility with existing policies.

The committee will review recommendations for hiring, promotion and tenure where appropriate as in the case of the Provost or College Deans and recommend such appointments for Board approval.

The committee will attend to issues related to institutional and programmatic accreditation. They may review the policies and operations of critical academic units like FRIB, Outreach and Engagement, International Studies, Admissions, Office of Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives, Honors College, Libraries and Research and Graduate Studies.

The committee will also oversee university policy with regard to tech transfer, intellectual property, copyright and commercialization.

The committee shall serve as Board of Trustee liaison to the Faculty Steering Committee and other bodies and as the Faculty Senate and University Council and be the Board of Trustee’s lead on the public service role of the university as it relates to off-campus services and education.

Members 2023-2025: