Committee on Budget and Finance

Committee Charter

The committee responsibilities include oversight of the operating and capital budgets of the university, review of policies which have significant financial impact, review of contracts for construction, assurance of debt, management of real estate owned or gifted to the university and any such other matters which the Board finds may have financial or budget implications.

The committee shall review the annual financial statements and other financial data such as credit agency ratings.

The committee shall also have the role and responsibilities assigned to it under the Board’s Policy BOT 607.

The committee shall also assist the Board in determining compensation for the President and advise the President regarding appropriate compensation for senior executives. The committee shall coordinate the annual evaluation of the President. The President or the Executive Vice President for Administrative Services may consult with the committee on any matters concerning the administration of the university, including such areas as information technology services, human resources and purchasing and procurement.

Members 2023-2025: