Committee on Student Life and Culture

Committee Charter

The committee responsibilities include oversight of all of the out-of-classroom activities and what is often called the “student experience,” and student health and wellness.

The committee will work with Residential and Hospitality Services and with Student Affairs and Services to assure that life in a residence hall, in a Greek house or in off-campus housing and the services that a student needs on campus, are consistent with the expectations of our world-class university. Included in the responsibility is health: physical, emotional, and mental of our community of learners; safety: on campus of off campus. The committee is concerned with all General Student Rights and Responsibilities (SRR) including those for graduate and medical students (GSRR and MSRR). The committee reviews policies and issues related to student conduct and the Office of Institutional Equity. They are liaison to ASMSU, COGS and RHS.

The committee will also be the liaison to the Department of Athletics for our student athletes, as well as the intramural programs that reach thousands of students. The Ombudsperson and Dean of Students will report regularly to this committee so there is Board awareness of student concerns and issues. The committee also addresses issues around the relationship of the University to surrounding communities.

Members 2023-2025: