Article 10: Financial Responsibility

The Board of Trustees, being constitutionally vested with the general supervision of Michigan State University and the control and direction of all its funds, recognizes a vital and crucial institutional responsibility to those with whom it has financial transactions. Accordingly, it is the policy of the Board to maintain adequate income and reserves to assure payment of principal and interest on the due date of its obligations. To the end that the financial integrity of the University shall always remain inviolate, the Board of Trustees pledges that it will maintain constant vigil over its funds through regular review and periodic reports, and such adjustments in income and reserves as shall guarantee the probity of its obligations. Funds earmarked for payment of bonded self-liquidating projects and term loan agreements are duly pledged for the specific pledge of the indenture. No intrusion upon this commitment, from any source or for any reason, will be tolerated.

The Board of Trustees is concerned that maximum value be obtained for funds expended to procure goods and services. Whenever possible, competitive quotations will be secured from two or more suppliers and purchase orders will be awarded on the basis of lowest cost consistent with acceptable quality.