Article 9: The Board and Student Relations

The board encourages and supports the faculty in the development of educational and other programs within available resources, designed to secure the realization of the highest potential of every student.

Upon the recommendation of the president, the board may determine and establish the qualifications of students for admission at any level, or readmission to the University, and fix the amount of fees to be charged for attendance at the University.

It shall be the policy of the board to provide equal educational opportunity to all qualified students from the State of Michigan and, insofar as facilities, faculty, and accommodations permit, a reasonable number from other states and other countries. The board is committed to the objectives of diversity and to the principles of equal opportunity, and non-discrimination, as reflected in various federal and state laws, orders and regulations, as well as in various University policies and regulations and will treat students and student organizations in a non-discriminatory manner in accordance with the law and its own internal policies and regulations.

The board may make or may delegate through the president the authority to make reasonable rules and regulations for the purpose of maintaining the health, safety, , and discipline of students, which are not purely arbitrary or in violation of any common rights, and may require students to agree to abide by them as the condition of admission to and retention in the University. Students who fail to comply with these regulations may be disciplined in such a manner as may be deemed appropriate.

The president shall develop, with approval by the board, a program, structured along the fundamentals of basic due process, for the hearing and resolving of important, significant, and serious student complaints.