Article 12: Property, Securities, and Contracts

Real and Other Property. The acquisition of all real estate and other property for University purposes and the sale, disposition, or transfer thereof shall first be approved by the board. The board is authorized to prescribe rules governing the use of all University property by the faculty, staff, employees, students, and the public and the conduct of all entering upon said property, or in attendance at the University.


Securities. The investment manager(s), appointed by the board, shall be authorized to invest, buy and sell stocks, bonds, evidences of indebtedness, other securities and investment assets in accordance with policies and objectives established by the board. All such transactions shall be reported at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Investment Advisory Subcommittee.


Contracts. The president and officers designated by the president, or pursuant to the bylaws and policies of the board, are authorized to execute contracts on behalf of the board. The secretary may execute contracts and other documents related to the board’s ongoing operations and as contemplated under the board’s bylaws, ordinances, and policies.


Naming Buildings. University buildings shall be named by the board in accordance with its adopted policies.