21.00 Alcoholic Beverages

21.01 Use or possession permitted
21.02 * Use or possession prohibited
21.03 Open containers prohibited
21.04 Exceptions

.01 The use or possession of alcoholic beverages, including beer and wine, subject to state law, is permissible in housing facilities (rooms, suites and apartments) assigned by Michigan State University.

.02 The consumption and possession of alcoholic beverages is prohibited in classrooms, lecture halls, laboratories, the libraries, and the chapel.

The possession of open or uncapped containers of alcoholic beverages and the consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited in all public areas of lands governed by the Michigan State University Board of Trustees and in all public areas of campus buildings, except with respect to locations, events, or occasions for which the Secretary of the Board of Trustees has approved, in writing, an exception to this prohibition.

.04 Exceptions to this ordinance and the administration of licenses held by the Board will be made pursuant to guidelines approved by the Secretary of the Board of Trustees.

Guidelines for Exceptions to Ordinance 21 (PDF)

Alcoholic Beverages Exception Request Form (Docusign link)

Alcohol Exception Flowchart (PDF)


Enacted: September 15, 1964
Amended: April 17, 1970
Amended: December 10, 1994
Amended: April 14, 1995
Amended: November 14, 2003
Amended: February 11, 2005
Amended: September 16, 2005
Amended: April 22, 2014
Amended: August 16, 2023

* Denotes Civil Infraction