8.00 Definitions

8.01 The Board
8.02 Act 80
8.03 Police Officer
8.04 Singular and plural synonyms
8.05 Person and accused
8.06 Act includes omission
8.07 Property
8.08 Writing and written
8.09 Campus
8.10 Civil infraction

.01 The term "the Board" shall be considered synonymous with "The Board of Trustees of Michigan State University."

.02 The term "Act 80" shall refer only to State of Michigan Public Act 80 of 1905, as amended.

.03 The term "Police Officer" shall include all ranks within the organizational framework of the Department of Police and Public Safety of Michigan State University and shall be considered synonymous with any other descriptive title normally assigned to those persons entrusted with the exercising of police powers.

.04 The singular number, as used in this ordinance, includes the plural and the plural includes the singular.

.05 The terms "person," "accused," and similar words include, unless a contrary intention appears, public and private corporations, co-partnerships, and unincorporated or voluntary associations.

.06 The term "act" or "doing of an act" includes "omission to act."

.07 The word "property" includes any matter or thing upon or in respect to which any offense may be committed.

.08 The term "writing," "written," and any item of like import includes words or pictures printed, painted, engraved, lithographed, photographed or otherwise copied, traced, or made visible to the human eye in any manner whatsoever.

.09 The term "campus" as used in this ordinance shall be construed to include all property wheresoever situated, owned, or held by the Board of Trustees in its capacity as the governing board of Michigan State University.

.10 "Civil infraction" means an act or omission prohibited by law which is not a crime as defined in section 5 of Act No. 328 of the Public Acts of 1931, as amended, being section 750.5 of the Michigan Compiled Laws, and for which civil sanctions may be ordered.

Enacted: September 15, 1964
Amended: December 10, 1994