23.00 Animals

23.01 Leash required
23.02 Prohibited in buildings
23.03 Prohibited in buses
23.04 Prohibited from posted areas
23.05 Exceptions
23.051 Service animals
23.052 Veterinary medical treatment
23.053 Transported animals
23.054 Sponsored events
23.055 Prior authorization for student events
23.056 Police exception

.01 No person owning or being responsible for an animal brought upon property governed by the Board shall do so without securing the animal by appropriate use of a leash.

.02 No person shall bring any animal into any University building.

.03 No person shall bring any animal onto a University bus.

.04 No person shall bring any animal into any University area, such as the Beal Botanical Garden or the Horticulture Gardens, posted to prohibit the presence of animals.

.05 Exceptions to the above provisions shall include:

.051 Service animals providing assistance to individuals with disabilities.

.052 Animals brought for treatment to the Veterinary Medical facilities or for University sponsored research.

.053 Animals being transported and which remain inside a vehicle.

.054 Animals brought to animal related University sponsored events.

.055 Animals brought to animal related events sponsored by registered student organizations which have received prior authorization from the Office of the Secretary of the Board of Trustees.

.056 Animals subject to the control of any police officer during the course of the police officer's duties.


Service Animal Guidelines and Exemption Request Form (PDF)

Service Animal Policy-Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities


Enacted: September 15, 1964
Amended: February 25, 1972
December 10, 1994
June 15, 2007