4.00 Designation of Enforcement Powers

4.01 Police Chief and Director of Police and Public Safety to enforce
4.02 Police Chief and Director of Police and Public Safety to appoint subordinates
4.03 Property outside of East Lansing area

.01 The Board of Trustees entrusts the Police Chief and Director of the Department of Police and Public Safety, (hereafter referred to as Police Chief and Director of Public Safety) and subordinate officers, including police officers, and also traffic control officers, parking enforcement officers, and other special or limited duty officers, whom he or she appoints, with responsibility for enforcing these ordinances.

.02 The Board may vest appropriate local officials with authority to enforce some or all of these ordinances.

.03 The jurisdiction of police officers to whom the powers and authority of peace and police officers are granted under section 1 shall include all property owned or leased by the Board of Trustees, or otherwise subject to the Board's rightful exercise of dominion, wherever situated in the state, and this jurisdiction shall extend to any public right of way traversing or immediately contiguous to such property. Such jurisdiction may be extended insofar as is permitted by state law and authorized by the Board.

Enacted: September 15, 1964
Amended: December 10, 1994
Amended: June 17, 2005